EPHAR ECR Travel Bursary

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Available to early career researchers looking to attend EPHAR 2024.


To be eligible for the bursary you must:


The bursary will cover early bird registration, as well as travel and accommodation expenses with a maximum individual bursary of £800. However, awards will be based on the number of eligible applications, the allocated budget and the Society’s assessment of the most economical mode of travel and a reasonable standard of accommodation. Food and beverage costs and travel incidentals will not be reimbursed.

Scoring criteria

Applications will be scored against the following criteria:
  • Benefit to research and future career - specific details, such as topics, concepts, issues regarding the research, and benefit to career by attending.
  • Travel costs - detailed and in line with BPS Policy


  • Recipients will be reimbursed after the meeting. Please submit via email the bursary claim form within four weeks of the closing date of the meeting, along with your receipts, the email confirming the bursary, and a certificate of attendance.
  • We will only make payments to a bank account in the applicant’s name, unless otherwise agreed with the Finance Team.


Please complete the application form and submit this via the link below.


31 May 2024

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