Engagement Webinar: How to communicate about animal research

Communicating about the use of research animals is an essential skill for many scientists, particularly preclinical researchers. In this lunch-time webinar, John Meredith (Education and Outreach Manager for Understanding Animal Research) will share advice on how to effectively discuss the ethical and scientific aspects of animal research.

Animal research is an integral part of much preclinical research and drug development. However, it is a complex topic which often evokes strong emotions and ethical concerns from the public.  This makes communicating effectively about the use of animals in research an essential skill for scientists, particularly those involved in preclinical research.

In this FREE Engagement Webinar, we will be joined by John Meredith, the Education and Outreach Manager at Understanding Animal Research (UAR), who will provide advice on how to effectively discuss the ethical and scientific aspects of animal research.  This includes the reasons for using animals, the regulatory frameworks in place to ensure their welfare, and the efforts being made to reduce their use where possible. 

Animal research should be discussed in an open and transparent manner.  This webinar will give you the skills to engage others, from the public to funding bodies, and build trust and understanding of the importance of animal research in advancing human health.

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21 April 2023
21 April 2023
13:00 to 14:00

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