Design and Evaluation of Teaching about Ethnicity and Interindividual Variation in Pharmacology

Ethnicity is sometimes used in prescribing guidelines and in pharmacokinetics the proposed mechanisms for interethnic differences often involved genetic polymorphisms. This is a difficult topic to teach because there are common misconceptions about the relationship between ethnicity and genetic diversity. 

Dr Olusola Olafuyi and Dr Jennifer Koenig, from the University of Nottingham have designed a tutorial about inter-individual variation in pharmacokinetics which addresses concepts of ethnicity and genetic diversity with the dual aims of deepening students' understanding of pharmacokinetics concepts and addressing any potential misconceptions about ethnicity and genetic dissimilarity. 

Dr Koenig and Dr Olafuyi delivered this for bioscience and medical students and will discuss the design of the tutorial and the result of the evaluation. 
16 June 2023
16 June 2023
1pm BST to 2pm BST

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